Wednesday, September 27, 2017

RYLA Planning Sept 23-24

Before each RYLA the Chair(Kristen Foster) the student directors and the facilitators get together and put together the final plans for the RYLA. They did this on Laurel Island Sept 23 and 24 for the RYLA at Camp Hazen on October 27 to 29.

Above is a view of the whole group 16 facilitators, 3 student directors and 3 RYLA chairs and cochairs.
Below is the three student directors Maya, Nick and Lili all seniors at schools in our District.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Groton Rotary Club at the Mystic Marriott September 19

The Groton Rotary Club has a Service Member of the month award. It is given to a Service member who does Community Service but also serves in the military. The local Chamber of Commerce handles the choosing of the award. Here two employees of the Chamber are describing the achievements of the awardee. He is a part of the cryptogrtaphy unit at the Groton Submarine base. He's been involved with numerous local sports and charitable activities.

And here's the President of the Groton Rotary Club(Gary Dean Weale ) giving him the award check.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Interact and Rotaract Conferences-September 16

The purpose of these conferences is to kick off the Interact and Rotaract years' and provide the incoming leaders and members some leadership experience.
Here is Governor Trish talking with some of the attendees. The Governor gave a kick off talk.

Here is a view of some of the attendees. There were about 80 attending the Interact conference and about 15 attending the Rotaract conference

Our District Interact students have two student directors(outside) here givning an award to Nick from Westport.

Hailey Cruz has started an Interact Club at Hamden HS, been a key contributor at RYLA for four years and restarted a Rotaract club at Quinnipiac. Here is Governor Trish awarding her a Paul Harris Fellow Award.

and here's a complete album of photos

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sept 11 at Mystic Rotary Club

Mystic Rotary Club meets for lunch at the Mystic Hilton, which is actually in Stonington but right near Mystic Seaport. Here is David Cruthers the President Elect getting some practice running a meeting. He's doing a great job. It was sad to meet on September 11 but the group still had some Happy things to say.

The Speaker discussed Governor Trish's project at the school in Ghana. The club is very supportive and interested.

Monroe Rotary Club Sept 7-Early AM at the Sand Trap Bar and Grill on Whitney Golf Course

The Monroe Rotary Club meets for breakfast and I was there September 7. The speaker was a candidate for Selectman and many local issues were discussed. The club also knows very well his principle opponent for First Selectman.This club is highly involved with local issues in a very positive way.

The President, Ashish Verma, seen below, runs a tight ship. Their upcoming project and fundraiser are moving along.