Saturday, February 24, 2018

Training for CPR and AED(automatic defibrillator) by East Hampton EMS and Rotary

Here is something that any Rotary Club can facilitate. The East Hampton Rotary Club helped the East Hampton Emergency Medical and the Town hold a training in CPR and AED on February 24. Over 90 townspeople were trained. The Rotary Club helped with some of  the organization and funding, pretty minimal, and the EMS provided the training and expertise. Here's some pictures(thanks to Terry Concannon for the pictures).

It started with a short talk on what we would be doing and on the East Hampton EMS

We split into three groups of 8 participants per group. There were four dummies(no not us, the practice  dummies)
per group. Each pair had a dummy to practice CPR and AED on.

If you haven't had CPR training in awhile it's different. From the side and no mouth to mouth

Here's the participants in action doing CPR

Positioning your shoulder over the chest of the victim is important.
This was a great session(2 hours) and the participants left feeling confident that they could do CPR and AED if it were needed.
Your Rotary Club could organize a session like this in your town.

Friday, February 16, 2018

New Canaan Rotary Club-February 15, 2018

New Canaan RC meets in an old house on a lovely park. Valerie Connolly, their President was traveling and President Elect Keith Simpson was in charge.  They inducted a new member and you can see my Instagram to see the nice induction ceremony. A nice venue and a vibrant club.

In the foreground is the speaker from the New Canaan ambulance corps, and on the right is President Elect
Keith and on the left is Scott Hobbs the Sargent.

The two members of the ambulance corps described what they do and how they do it. They serve in 12 hour shifts once
per week. Plus they do everything else to provide the services required. An impressive amount of
community service.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Westport Rotary Club-February 13, 2018

The Westport Rotary club meets in a large church. A nice venue but a member commented that there really aren't any restaurants in Westport that would make a good venue.
Dave Matlow talking about the ALS pepper challenge between Westport, Westport Sunrise and Fairfield
Raise money for ALS by eating peppers-money is raised because some do not want to eat peppers
You can see President Susan Basler in background 

PDG and District Foundation Chair Rick Benson introducing Craig Adler a new member of Westport Sunrise and
speaker about Norwalk Housing Authority scholarships. They fully fund a number of students
who could not attend college without the support

And here's Maria a scholarship winner who is now at UCONN Stamford. It constantly amazes me
how well these young people are at speaking to groups.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cheshire Rotary Club-February 8, 2018

The Cheshire Rotary Club meets at the Waverly on Thursday evening.

Giving a computer to support an interesting project
A member of the club has a project, with help from others, providing prosthetic devices in Peru. They obtain used and unneeded parts and devices here and then bring them to Peru and fit them to users there. They provide arms, legs and more. Note the technical sophistication needed for this project, they need the right parts to solve a specific problem for a person in Peru and they need to put them together correctly.

Lynda Hammond was at this meeting to discuss the project.
What a neat project, solving a problem one device at a time.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Norwich Sunrise Rotary-February 5, 2018

Norwich Sunrise meets at the Courtyard by Marriott in Norwich. President Tom Cummings runs an efficient and fun meeting. So here's Tom and I after the meeting.

President Tom and I in front of their flags

Each week one of the club members does "Fellowship". This week Stacy gave us a history and analysis of "panty hose" and stockings. Back in the day, 1800s, panty hose and stockings were for men and was woven cloth. Starting in the early 1900's women started wearing stockings and panty hose of silk and cloth. So Dupont invented nylon in the 1930s and introduced nylon panty hose, but during the war they stopped making panty hose and made war materials, parachutes etc. There was a panty hose shortage. Her description of what happened at that time was hilarious. Stacy finds panty hose the bane of a women's existence but the club suggested some solutions. What a great funny story. We are all educated on this subject now.
Stacy educating us on panty hose

Peter Maneri, 40 years in Rotary, the Treasurer of the club was very helpful to the visitor, me, and gave me a lot of background on the club.  President Elect, Allison Keefe, commented on how helpful last weeks' President Elect Orientation was and that she was looking forward to PETS. 

This club is a focal point for the Four Way Test Speech contest and Jim Troeger organizes the semifinals and helps clubs organize their contests. The District thanks Jim for his work.