Monday, November 20, 2017

Waterford Rotary club November 20

The Waterford Rotary club inducted a new member today. Here is her sponsor putting the pin on.

 They sent a student to RYLA and are hoping to start an Interact Club at the local high school. Lots of other projects are just completed and in the work. Below are the co Presidents of Waterford RC Cathy Newlin and Anne Ogden.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Colchester Rotary Club had an Open House-November 15

Colchester Rotary club had an open house at the Polish Club in Colchester. It was a fun evening and lots of people met each other.

Below are pictures of members and guests. The fellow with the yellow cap is Evan Evans the President of the Colchester Rotary club.

Here is John Bedford the Treasurer of the club. Each member described why he joined Rotary and the overall effect was striking.

A Speaking Technique from Michael Angelo Caruso (PDG)

Here's a speaking technique from Michael Angelo Caruso who was a District Governor in Michigan a few years ago. He also teaches people how to improve their public speaking skills. Here's his "Yell at the Dog" technique

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Our District Interact Board attended the Assistant Governors Meeting

High school Interact students cover our District much like the Assistant Governors do.  Their job is to help the Interact clubs in our District and do some projects to promote Service and Interact.  There was great sharing of ideas and thoughts at the AG meeting on Nov 14.

Here are the Interact District leaders Matt and Pauline discussing how to enhance our Interact program. Each of the Interact Area leaders then talked about his/her area and thoughts. In the foreground is District Governor Elect Larry Gardner on the right and Colin, the Interact events coordinator.
Here's Mike from the Hopkins School near New Haven. Last year he was also a student director at RYLA

And here's Jason who always has interesting comments

And here's Jessica who has three of our AG areas to cover.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Meeting of Orange Rotary club-November 10

At a meeting of the Orange Rotary Club on November 10 there was lots of Rotary activities.
Lynda Hammond talked about the projects she is working on.

 The President, Robert Sigler, talked about some of the activities the club is planning.

 Orange is Governor Trish's home club and although she was not there because of other District obligations, her Governors flag was.
 The speaker was Mike Papale, who at the age of 17, almost died due to cardiac arrest. He has started a nonprofit to help install Automated External Defibrillators and to provide training and help in their use.

East Hampton Rotary Club 11/8 Rotary Foundation Boots

On Wednesday, November 8 the East Hampton/Marlborough Rotary Club had a Rotary Foundation Boots on the ground event. But first Red McKinney gave a Paul Harris plus one to President Kevin Reich

 Tari Marshall Day gave a fine presentation on the Rotary Foundation, its good works and the East Hampton's clubs participation. However a key enabler was Mark Morgano's AV contribution.