Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Rotary District Governors Bulletin-Southern Connecticut

Rotary in Southern Connecticut
Bulletin From District 7980 Governor Larry Gardner

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District governor bulletin January 2019

A Message from District Governor Larry Gardner
Happy New Year to all District 7980 Rotarians.
We have reached the halfway point of our Rotary Year and our accomplishments are many. As we navigate into the New Year, let us reflect back on the work we have accomplished to save lives and make a difference in our communities and around the world. You are all to be applauded for the great work we have achieved, but there is much to do in front of us.
Now is the time to embrace our personal networks, tell them "our Rotary story" and connect them to our work, both inside our clubs and inside our community. In January, we will embark on the next phase of a multiyear District Communications program that will educate and align the entire District around "best practices" in communicating our great work to the masses. We must all work diligently to remove the "Rotary is the best kept secret in our community" stigma that surrounds many of our Clubs. Please make sure you work with your AG and particpate fully in the upcoming District Communication Tour program that is coming to your Area between February and April.
January also kicks-off our 2019 Rotary Annual 4-Way Test Speech Contest activities. This is a chance to connect the youth of our communities to the values that we embrace through our 4-Way Test. Do not miss this opportunity to engage with your school's and introduce them to this extremely powerful opportunity.
PE's the necessary tools to run vibrant club meetings for the upcoming 2019-2020 Rotary year. The following items will be covered for this Training program: Leadership, Club management, Club Board Management, Finances, Global and District managed grants, Membership, Club Calendar, and Communications.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Are You a Welcoming Club-Video

Our Rotary Zone (32) is putting together videos on Membership Here is one on

"Are you a Welcoming Club"

Are You a Welcoming Club Video

New Members chatting with an existing member
Fun conversation around the table

Sunday, December 23, 2018

President Elect Preparation for President Elect Orientation

President Elect Orientation for 2019-20 Presidents

For President Elect Orientation on January 28

Bring an idea for a project that you can share with other President Elects
         Talk with other club members to get some ideas

Work on your club goals

Questions on Leadership
          How to have interesting, entertaining meetings
          How to ensure that members find club fellowship

Any questions that your club has on Youth Programs

        What are the Best Practices for Acquisition of Members and Engagement of Members

Communications-What questions do you have about club communications?

Rotary Foundation-What questions do you have about the Rotary Foundation?
    Talk to your club about getting approved for grants. Bring along the signed form to get approved for next year.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Rotary Fellowship at Holiday Time

All our clubs have get-togethers at Holiday Time to provide Fellowship for all our members

Getting together for cocktails and snacks

Discussing how to do good in the world

Some of us like to dress up(or down)

Having a great time at a Yankee Swap
Celebrating the end of the Year and Holiday Time. What a great way to provide Fellowship

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Breakfast with Santa in East Hampton-A perspective

At Breakfast with Santa in East Hampton a lot of different things happen. Many of our club members come to help and we spend lots of time chatting and enjoying each others' company. So this is a great example of Fellowship at a Service project.
The club provides breakfast without charge but we do ask those coming to bring a gift for the Food Bank. event.
Here's the leadership team:Past Chair Bob, Current Chair Kevin and Club President Mark

Greeting people at the door are Sharon(dressed as an elf) and Bill

On their way to seeing Santa and the Mrs.

For the first time East Hampton had Mrs. Claus as well as Santa
 The Interact Club has many members in attendance and they love it. They organize the visit with Santa, the taking of pictures, there is always a line for the Santa visit. The Interact Club also does face painting and there is also an Amber Alert sign up. All these things go on throughout the event.

Here's the table where the Interactors arrange for face painting

The current chair and in the background the high school kitchen where the club makes the pancakes

George took care of the dishes. Thanks George

Rotary Leadership Basics

This video was prepared by Rotary District 7980 Governor Larry Gardner last year. It is a great video on how to lead a Rotary Clubs. We will share it with the President Elects this year.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Interact Fall Conference in District 7980

Each year the District 7980 Interact Board organizes a Fall conference. This year the theme of the conference was to help the Interactors improve their clubs and it was held Sunday, November 18.
The Interact District Board consists of one or two Interact District representatives plus several Interact Area representatives(who line up with the Rotary assistant governor areas)

The Interact District Board(part of it) with Keon the Interact District representative at the podium
 The group split into five break out groups to discuss various aspects of running an Interact Club. Funding and projects, District Interact help, communications, etc.
This is an exercise in the communication break out where the string follows the speaker
 The exercise is to emphasize the importance of participating and helps bring more students into the conversation.
Keon is the Interact District representative and led the conference

Rotary district Governor Larry Gardner gave a talk which involved the students and was well received