Thursday, April 11, 2019

Awards we give in Rotary

Some thoughts on the Awards we give to clubs and individuals
Should meet the four way test.

The 4-Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:

1.     Is it the TRUTH?
2.     Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3.     Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
4.     Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

What is the purpose of awards given to Rotary clubs and individuals, usually at the District conference.
1. Recognize and reward outstanding achievement
2. Encourage all Rotarians to do more/better service
3. "Beneficial to all concerned"

1.Also the process for choosing award winners must be "fair to all concerned" and the award winners chosen must be in truth: the most deserving.
Some of the difficulties in executing the above.
              In our District few clubs actually are interested in applying for and receiving awards.
              There is a big disparity between the capabilities of the large and small clubs
              It is very difficult and subjective to choose a "best" service project. Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder.
2. So how can we use the award process to "encourage all Rotarians to do more/better service".
3. Since there are few winners and many non-winners, any process which is "beneficial to all concerned" must also bring value to the non-winners, somehow.

So what are the possible benefits and motivational aspects for non-winners
1. The non-winners could be inspired by the story of the winner
2. The non-winners could be educated by aspects of the winners' story and success
3. The winners could be encouraged to involve non-winners in future projects.(Since the winners presumably have demonstrated high competence in an area, they could provide direct help in cooperative projects with non-winners.) (Use District Managed grant process to help with this)
4. The non-winners could do a project similar to the one executed by the winner.

1. The award must go into enough detail about the winners so the audience will understand what is done and how it was special, so that they can be inspired and/or educated.
2. Could have a District managed grant subprocess which allows winners to specially apply with non winners for a new grant.
3. Winner should provide an education sheet on their special project, approach or ?


Comments on recognition of achievement - Jack
·       must be fair i.e. all those deserving should be recognized
·       can be subjective i.e. one mans winner is not anothers winner
·       however not being recognized for achievement is demotivating
·       one way is recognizing all who meet certain criteria-Presidents award, Governors Award
·       should be a process within the club
·       whatever you do should meet the four way test(fair to all concerned, beneficial to all concerned, the truth)
·       different levels of achievement i.e some who reliably do things time after time others who do massive            projects with large impact. both needed both should be recognized

However we should have some concerns, look at this article in the NY Times

In clubs
In District
District Awards
Abe Gordon-chosen by Governor
Charles Pettengill-large club -speak at District Conference
Don Adams-Outstanding Rotarian, chosen by 5 most recent recipients
Ed Osterman-small club, less then 45
Significant Club Achievement
              Community Service-at District conference
              International Service-at District conference
              Club Service
             Vocational Service
             Youth Service
by RI
Citation for Meritorious Service, Distinguished Service Award, Service Above Self
Alumni Service Award.

Summary of my thoughts
1. Process must be beneficial to all District Rotarians and for me that means providing information about the club, their achievements and best practices.Part of this is recognition of the club and part of this is providing information/help to others.
2. All clubs are eligible to provide information to other clubs and thus be recognized.
3. Choosing a winner is not beneficial to all concerned, it is beneficial to the winner.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Information for President Elects

Unfortunately there is no substitute for PETS. Here are the things I would reommend that a President-Elect do to become knowledgeable.

Read the three handouts that RI has, links below. These are excellent and will not take too long. The Rotary Club Heath Check you can go through with your club.

Larry Gardner the current Governor prepared an excellent leadership video, you should look at that.

The handouts given to the PEs are given here.



Sunday, March 24, 2019

A Rotary Project-Meals for Haiti-Fellowship Doing Service-Public Invited to Help

In addition to all the work packaging the meals
People had a great time talking about everything
In Madison-March 23 Several Rotary Clubs(area 8) Got together with people from the towns to make meals for Haiti.
Everybody felt great about helping people in Haiti have food to eat
There was a great deal of Fellowship because to do the work you stood around a table adding food to each bag. Talking with fellow workers was automatic
The challenge was very large so a lot of people from the towns got involved-A public event
The Rotary Foundation with a District Managed Grant helped fund the project

Here is the equipment used to package the meals


A Service Project

Fellowship in the Service Project

A Public Event

Rotary Foundation Support

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Interact Fundraiser for Polio-Dance your Heart Out

The last three years the District 7980 Interact District Board has had a fundraiser called Dance Your Heart Out.  This year the proceeds will go to support the polio eradication effort.
The students organize this dinner dance themselves, they get the venue arrange for the food, advertise to the Interactors and handle the decorations and arrangements with the venue. It is impressive and they are donating significant money to polio, while having a fun time.

Here's Keon and friends the chief organizers of the Dance

Yes, they danced and danced......

and danced,  But the Interact students did the work, organized, set it up and cleaned up

Saturday, February 16, 2019

District Training Assembly at Heritage District 7980 Conference May 18, 2019

District 7980 District Conference is May 17 to 19 at the Heritage Conference Center

Heritage Hotel Golf Spa Conference Center Southbury

District 7980
District Training Assembly
May 18 at Heritage Conference Center

District Assembly Starts at 10:15 AM
In Constitution Amphitheater

Rupert Ross our Rotary International representative will inspire us.

First Breakouts at 10:55 AM

President Elects and Area Governors
Time  10:55 AM  Room  Lincoln Room
For Presidents of their clubs starting July 1 and Area Governors
This session will give you a chance to ask questions and interact with fellow Presidents on any topic you wish.  In particular we will talk about the Membership Effort and the Communications Effort of your club.

President Nominees (President of your club starting in July 2020)
Time 10:55 AM Room Madison Room
For Presidents of their clubs starting next year.
This session will give you a chance to meet other President Nominees and meet Ron Webb who will be Governor of the District in your President year. Come prepared to ask questions about being President

Treasurer of your Club or interested in club Financing
Time 10:55 AM Room Liberty room
PDG Paul Mangels the District Assistant Treasurer will answer your questions and inform you about the do's and don't of being your clubs' Treasurer.

Secretary of your Club or interested in club organization
Time 10:55 AM Room Hamilton room
District Secretary Doug Lisk has gathered some experienced club secretaries to answer your questions and inform you about how to be a great club secretary.

Membership Committees and Chairs and others interested in Membership
Time 10:55 AM Room Congress Room
Governor Larry Gardner and Member Engagement Chair Ron Holtz will talk about the Membership Initiative now going on in our District. They will talk about Best Practices for both Member Acquisition and Member Engagement/Retention.

Communications/Publicity for your Club
Time 10:55 AM Room Senate Room
AG Robert Friend is leading a group which is educating the entire District in how to be expert at communicating outside and inside. One of their goals is to stop Rotary from being the best kept secret.

Second Breakouts at 2:00 PM
after lunch and 4-way test speeches

Membership Acquisition for your Club
Time 2:00 PM Room Liberty Room
Governor Larry will review the best practicers for membership acquisition and you will discuss how to implement these and others in your club.

Youth Programs
Time 2:00 PM Room Hamilton Room
PDG Alan Hurst with help from our Youth will inform you and answer your questions about our Youth programs(Youth Exchange, Interact, RYLA, Next Generations, and Rotaract

Service Project
Time 2:00 PM AM Room Lincoln Room
District Governor Nominee Ron Webb will facilitate your discussion on service projects you have done and those you'd like to do. Bring your new ideas to this session.

Fundraising Projects
Time 2:00 PM AM Room Senate Room
PDG Trish Pearson will facilitate your discussion of fundraising projects you have done and how to make them successful. What you should do and what you should not do. New fundraising ideas may also be discussed.

Past District Governors and others
Time 2:00 PM AM Room Congress Room
This session is aimed at Past District Governors but anyone may attend. Kristen Foster the Chair of our RYLA program will facilitate this session. The discussion will be on how can Rotary Clubs better engage their members. Best practices have been proposed for member engagement the focus of this session will be on what's new and better. An output of this session will be a message to the District leadership.

Public Events
Time 2:00 PM AM Room Madison Room
PDG Rick Bassett will facilitate this session on how to increase and do better at running Public Events for your club. Every club should have many events(service projects, fellowship events, fundraisers, etc.) where the public is invited. This session will have a discussion on what events, how to do, how to attract the public, and other topics. RI President Barry Rassin has said that every club should have a "Rotary Day" endorsed by its Town.

Third Breakouts at 2:55 PM

Youth Programs
Time 2:55 PM AM Room Hamilton Room
PDG Alan Hurst with help from our Youth will inform you and answer your questions about our Youth programs(Youth Exchange, Interact, RYLA, Next Generations, and Rotaract

District Managed Grants-Projects for your Town and beyond
Time 2:55 PM AM Room Liberty Room
PDG Colin Gersohn of the Chair of the District Rotary Foundation team will facilitate a discussion of DMG projects. District Managed Grants are a way to fund projects in your town and around Connecticut. In this session he will help give you the information to get these projects funded and implemented.

International Projects
Time 2:55 PM AM Room Madison Room
PDG Rick Benson will inform you about some of the International projects which clubs in our District have done. Also there will be ample time for you to ask about a project that you may be thinking about. This also would be a good time and place to find partners for projects.

Lobster Fests
Time 2:55 PM AM Room Congress Room
Some of our clubs run lobster fests which are large events requiring lots of effort but are good for fundraising. PDG Paul Mangels will facilitate a discussion about what clubs are doing and how to do it better.

Golf, Monopoly, Community Art, and novel fundraisers
Time 2:55 PM AM Room Senate Room
PDG Trish Pearson will facilitate this discussion of golf fundraisers plus some novel fundraising ideas. At least one club has made a Monopoly game for its town and others are considering it. This is a chance to talk about these novel ideas and determine if it will work for your club.

Past District Governors and Rotaractors
Time 2:55 PM AM Room Lincoln Room
This session is for Past District Governors, Rotaractors and anyone who wants to be a PDG. It will be facilitated by Kristen Foster who is chair of our RYLA program and an experienced facilitator. A great deal has been written about the role of young people in Rotary and how to enable that. At the International Convention and at International Assembly we met and heard from Rotaractors and other young people. This session is to address what should our clubs and our District be doing? An output for District leadership and the clubs is desired.

District 7980
District Training Assembly
May 18 at Heritage Conference Center

Find your Room

Breakout 1
11 AM
President Elects and Area Governors
President Nominees
Membership Chairs and Engagement Chairs
Club Communication
Lincoln Room
Madison Room
Liberty Room
Hamilton Room
Congress Room
Senate Room

Breakout 2
2:00 PM
Youth Services
Service Projects
Fundraising Projects
PDG session
Public Events

Best Practices for member engagement in Clubs
Discussion: Public Events for Clubs including RBB
Liberty Room
Hamilton Room
Lincoln Room
Senate Room
Congress Room
Madison Room

Breakout 3
2:55 PM
Youth Services
District Managed Grants
International Projects
Lobster fests
Fundraisers-Golf, Monopoly Community Art etc
PDG and Rotaractors

Rotary and Young People New ideas
Hamilton Room
Congress Room
Madison Room
Liberty Room
Senate Room
Lincoln Room

Interact Conference   Constitution Amphitheater

Rotaract Conference   Washington Room

Foundation Steward Training  Jefferson Room