Friday, July 10, 2020

Photo Album from Distirct 7980 2019-20-Thanks to Tari

Tari created a photo album and all the AGs made comments.
Thanks from Jan and Jack

Photo Album from District 7980 2019-20

At International Assembly we met Mark and Gay and looked forward to a great year

We were installed at St. Clements Castle

And then there was a virus which disrupted everything

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Zoom-Ideas to make it better

At the beginning of some Zoom calls there is a period of silence. Particularly if there are a lot
of attendees, few people start a conversation. And the conversation is also very limited to a few people.

At many Rotary Club meetings there is a greeter. As the people come in the greeter says hello, makes them feel welcome and introduces them to others.

So let's have greeters on Zoom club calls. The greeters job is to say hello to each new person and
make introductions. And get a conversation going.

Also for larger Zoom calls you could start with breakout rooms. The greeter could put each person in a breakout room with 5 other Rotarians so they could have a conversation. Then a couple minutes before the start of the meeting, the breakout rooms could be dissolved.

For hybrid meetings where a meal is involved, the people on Zoom have a downtime while the in person group is eating and having a conversation. Two suggestions 1) A video could be shown during the meal time. Perhaps then a discussion on the video. 2. Organize a conversation in the Zoom group on an area of interest. It doesn't have to be a Rotary subject but it could be. Appoint someone to lead the conversation and get everyone involved. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

What Our Clubs Did with Our Disaster Grant

PPE to Visiting Nurses Association

Forty clubs are receiving Personal Protective Equipment as a Result of the Rotary Foundation Disaster Grant and the continuing Donations of Ted Rossi. 
We are distributing  6,000 KN95 masks, 1,000 gowns, 25,000 flat masks and 1,000 face shields.      The total value of the items being distributed is in excess of $54,000.  Our thanks go out to Rotarian Ted Rossi of East Hampton and to The Rotary Foundation for making this happen. And to Stephanie Philips for helping get the 3D printed face shields made by Access Independence.

And a major thanks to Paul Mangels for organizing this grant and making so much PPE available.

In addition to the disaster grant these masks are going to District 7950 that's Steve Albright, Govenor next to me

This is some of the PPE(masks, gowns, face shields) going to eastern Connecticut

The Organizations receiving the PPE and the Clubs donating it are given below.



Lori Viellette

Ansonia Rescue Medical Services

Crystal Engram

Amalgamated Transit Union workers 1336

Rams Cebrerra

Chesprocott Health District

Steve Cline

Aaron Manor and Chesterfields Homes
Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley
Nancy Riella

Harrington Court, Apple Rehab
Colchester Emergency Management
Allison Fulton

CCBH, FCA, Blue Sky Behaioral Health, Ability Beyond
Bethel EMT, CIFC
Tom wilson

CIB-Oak Hill Shelton Group Home

 Erika Shea

Golden Hill Rehab, Milford Health Rehab

East Hampton
Sharon Hull

Orthopedic Association of Hartford

Rena Fortuna

Shaughnessy-Banks Funeral Home
Frank Winkler

Old Fellows Home of CT, Healthcare Mystic, Regency Groton

Magdalena Alban

Keefe Community Center, Hamden

Sam Roudebush

12 organizations including medical, first responders, child care, etc.

Mike Iacurri

Madison Police Department for distribution to first responders

Cheryl Duey

Apple Rehab

Gary Opin

Carriage Green of Milford

Kathleen Bailey

First Responders

Michael Doherty

Montville Public safety Commission

Bill Smith

Womens Club Thrift Shop
Stoneridge Retirement Community
Tom Saunders

Beacon Brook Health Center(nursing home)

New Canaan
Ann Cheney

Waveny Lifecare Network

New Haven
Paul Capobianco

R Kids family center,IRIS
Continuum of Care
New London
Reid Burdick

VNA of eastern Connecticut

North Branford
Mina Minelli

NB Fire Department

North Haven
Ron Bathrick

The Landing and Montowese Rehabilitation, CERT. and Food Pantry

Claudia Tata

Norwalk Public Schools Health Services

Mike Cooney

Library, Thames river Community Service,
Discovery School
Norwich Sunrise
Chris LaRose

Norwich Rec Department for senior housing

Old Saybrook
Gary McCauley

Apple Rehab and Gladview Rehab

Ric hard Dumbrill

Dental and Nursing facilities

Ralph Passarelli


Joyce Barcley

Shady Knoll Health Center

Vanessa Love

Stamford Hospital

Liz Tattersall

Masonicare Mystic

Sheri Szymanski

Stratford Library
Food Pantry
Shawn Whisenhant
Mary Zasada
Wolcott View Manor, Abbott Terrace, Cheshire House, Regal Care, Autumn Lake


Leslie Wolf
Stamford Hospital

Westport Sunrise
Karen Kleine
Helen Garten
Family Reentry
ABRI Home for the Brave

Pam Brown


Alan Sapir

First Responders

And here is a summary of the Organizations receiving PPE categorized by what they do.

Organizations Receiving PPE from Disaster Grant

First Responders-13
Ansonia Rescue Medical Services-Ansonia
Colchester Emergency Management- Colchester
Bethel EMT, CIFC-Danbury
Ledyard First Responders
Police for First Responders-Madison
First Responders-Monroe
Public Safety Commission-Montville
Fire Department-North Branford
CERT-North Haven
Thames River Community Service-Norwich
First Reponders-Woodbury, Southbury, Middlebury

Nursing and Other Homes-24
Aaron Manor-Chester
Chesterfields Homes-Chester
Harrington Court-Colchester
Apple Rehab- Colchester
Oak Hill Shelton Group Home-Derby Shelton
Old Fellows Home of CT-Groton
Healthcare Mystic-Groton
Regency Groton-Groton
Apple Rehab-Middletown
Carriage Green-Milford
Stoneridge Retirement Community-Mystic
Beacon Brook Health Center-Naugatuck
Waveny Life Care network-New Canaan
Continuum of Care-New Haven
The Landing and Montowese Rehabilitation-North Haven
Norwich Rec Department for senior housing-Norwich Sunrise
Apple Rehab and Gladview Rehab-Old Saybrook
Shady Knoll Health Center-Seymour Oxford
Masonicare Mystic-Stoningtons      
Wolcott View Manor, Abbott Terrace-Waterbury
Cheshire Hourse, Regal Care-Waterbury
Autumn Lake-Waterbury
Family Reentry-Westport Sunrise
Home for the Brave-Westport Sunrise

Medical Treatment-5
CCBH, FCA, Blue Sky, Behavioral Heatlh, Ability Beyond-Danbury
Golden Hill Rehab, Milford Health Rhab-Devon
Orthopedic Association of Hartford-East Hampton
Dental and Nursing facilities-Orange
Stamford Hospital-Stamford

Visiting Nurse Association-3
VNA of the Lower Valley-Chester
VNA of eastern Connecticut-New London

Food Pantry-North Haven
Food Pantry-Stratford

Child Care and Schools-3
R Kids family center-New Haven
Norwalk public schools
Discovery school-Norwich

Government and Other-7
Amalgamated Transit Union-Bridgeport
Chesprocott Health District-Cheshire
Keefe Community Center-Hamden
Womens Club Thrift Shop-Mystic
IRIS(refugees)-New Haven

Funeral Homes-1