Sunday, March 25, 2018

Four Way Test Speech semifinals at Trumbull- March 24, 2018

High School students prepare a 5 to 7 minute talk on any subject but they must incorporate the Rotary four way test in the talk. The students in this competition ranged from sophomores to seniors. There were two winners here and they go onto the finals at the District Training Assembly on April 7 in Meriden. They were remarkable with great poise and all with something important to say. One of the winners had competed before and did not win but practice makes public speaking easier.

Here's a sophomore 

And here is another competitor, a senior, there were eight competitors

And here are the Judges, there were five including a local Trumbull councilman
Mark Davis and Roy Fuchs have organized the Four Way Test Speech contest throughout our District and have done a great job.

And here's the 4-way test.

The 4-Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:

1.     Is it the TRUTH?
2.     Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3.     Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
4.     Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ukraine Open World Delegates Visit Devon Rotary

Had a wonderful time on Saturday welcoming the team of young professionals from Ukraine. Devon Rotary hosted these visiting delegates as part of the club’s Open World project. The team arrived in Washington, D.C. a few days ago and came to Connecticut by train. While here they will tour Milford, Yale in New Haven and New York City. In the photo front row (L to R) are: Anton Kukhliev, Svitlana Kolodii, Khrystyna Shovkoplias, DGE Larry Gardner, and Ulyana Stadnyk. In the back row are: Roman Oleksenko, Tetiana Kidruk, Rotarian Ed Bonessi, and PDG Henry Scopp.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fairfield Rotary Club Celebrity Luncheon

Each year the Fairfield Rotary Club finds a great/famous speaker and holds a celebrity luncheon fundraiser. This year it was Dan Patrick of Sportscasting fame. He is host of NBC's football night in America and The Dan Patrick Show. He told us about how he became a well known sportscaster. And he gave us some tidbits on when we are on live TV i.e. don't give up the microphone.

Here's Dan Patrick talking about his experiences with other sportscasters and with Tom Brady

Mark Graham on the right was the Master of Ceremonies. He is a member of
the Fairfield Rotary Club. It's amazing the capability of Rotarians

Invention Convention at Hamden March 17, 2018

Invention Convention is a Science Technology Engineering and Math activity for Kindergarten and up. The students make an invention and then prepare a poster and a model of the invention. The school then has a competition at which the students explain their ideas and their work to 3 or 4 sympathetic judges. The students are arranged in groups of 6 to 8 students, so they hear each others' ideas and work.They comment and help each other.  Some Rotary Clubs(East Hampton and others) support this activity by providing judges and modest funding.  Here are some pictures from the semifinals which were held at Hamden Middle School. There will be more semifinals at East Hartford and then the finals at UCONN Storrs. It's a great program.

I was a Judge at Hamden. Here's our instructor teaching us the basics of Judging. Be nice to the students is job one.

Here's the students in their judging circle. There are two Kindergarteners, two in first grade
and two in second grade. They were all winners but four will go to Storrs

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Amber Alert Banner at the East Hampton Rotary Club

Amber Alert is a program for giving children IDs for safety. At events where children are present Rotary Clubs set up the facilities to ID the children and put them in a database which is available in case of a problem. Below you can see a banner which gives pizazz to the process. Any Rotary Club can order a similar banner to jazz up their process. 

Here's the banner with Kevin Reich, President of East Hampton Rotary club
Mark Morgano on the right the Interact co-chair at East Hampton and a
member of the East Hampton Interact Club.

Niantic Rotary Club February 28, 2018

Niantic Rotary Club meets at the Flanders Fish Market, a restaurant on the Connecticut Coast. A great venue for a great club.
Eva Menon is the President of Niantic this year
The President elect is James Lombardo, he's a retired School Superintendent. 
David Putnam was also at the meeting, he's involved with the clubs Youth Services.
And of course Donna Gada, the AG, is also a member of this club.

And Richard Gada worked out the details of the Niantic Gala
a fund raiser coming up soon. Note the  Rotary jacket. Next to him is James Lombardo the
President Elect.

Here's Gerry Gilstad, he played some songs in memory of Pete Seeger
We all remembered