Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Invention Convention at Hamden March 17, 2018

Invention Convention is a Science Technology Engineering and Math activity for Kindergarten and up. The students make an invention and then prepare a poster and a model of the invention. The school then has a competition at which the students explain their ideas and their work to 3 or 4 sympathetic judges. The students are arranged in groups of 6 to 8 students, so they hear each others' ideas and work.They comment and help each other.  Some Rotary Clubs(East Hampton and others) support this activity by providing judges and modest funding.  Here are some pictures from the semifinals which were held at Hamden Middle School. There will be more semifinals at East Hartford and then the finals at UCONN Storrs. It's a great program.

I was a Judge at Hamden. Here's our instructor teaching us the basics of Judging. Be nice to the students is job one.

Here's the students in their judging circle. There are two Kindergarteners, two in first grade
and two in second grade. They were all winners but four will go to Storrs

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