Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rotary Youth Exchange Banquet

The Rotary Youth Exchsnge Banquet was held on June 4 at the Graduate Club. The six exchange students each talked about their year. They were wonderful, the growth during this year and their ability to speak in front of a group has been great.

Hamden Rotary club June 6

I visited Hamden Rotary club on June 6 and the recent attendees at RYLA were there. They had seven attendees from two different schools. Rajib one of this years directors attends Hamden HS In this photo in addition to the seven RYLA attendees we have on the left the Hamden Rotary President, Lynn, Dave Ullman and on the other side Paul Bergemann the President Elect.

Every year Hamden has a sports dinner where they invite the high school sports teams in town and give out Rotarian athlete of the year to chosen people on each team. The coaches choose an athlete on their team who meets Rotarian principles. Athletes, coaches and parents all come. Parents pay but the club pays for others. They have done this for 41 years. It's a great event.

The Hamden Interact Club raised $3100 for Freshwater Focus, a multiclub project providing freshwater systems overseas. They had a kickball tournament for several schools and a badminton tournament at Hamden High.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Visit to Chester Rotary Club

I was at Chester RC on May 31. They are at a new to me restaurant(Pattaconk 1853) in downtown Chester. It's very nice. They discussed their lobsterfest(oldest in our district), the Road Race and the highlight was a discussion of their planned help at their Elementary School. The outgoing and incoming principals were present.  Ron Woodward was given his Paul Harris +4 pin, congratulations Ron. Here's Cheryl Archer, Chester's President giving Ron the pin.