Sunday, November 18, 2018

Interact Fall Conference in District 7980

Each year the District 7980 Interact Board organizes a Fall conference. This year the theme of the conference was to help the Interactors improve their clubs and it was held Sunday, November 18.
The Interact District Board consists of one or two Interact District representatives plus several Interact Area representatives(who line up with the Rotary assistant governor areas)

The Interact District Board(part of it) with Keon the Interact District representative at the podium
 The group split into five break out groups to discuss various aspects of running an Interact Club. Funding and projects, District Interact help, communications, etc.
This is an exercise in the communication break out where the string follows the speaker
 The exercise is to emphasize the importance of participating and helps bring more students into the conversation.
Keon is the Interact District representative and led the conference

Rotary district Governor Larry Gardner gave a talk which involved the students and was well received

Thursday, November 15, 2018

President Elect Orientation-November 13 for Presidents 2019-20

On Tuesday, November 13, the President Elects from District 7980 met

President Elect Orientation for 2019-20 Presidents

            numbered items were identified by PEs as most important information
            blue items are comments or explanations which I have added
1. Contacts-
            a. PEs met a bunch of other PEs and also met Assistant Governors and PDGs
            b. In the handout is contact information for a bunch of people who are willing to help

2. Rotary Foundation-mentioned a few times by PEs as interesting and important
            More on International projects
Here is a link to the presentation on the Foundation just click on it to go to presentation.

3. Organizational punch list
            Your To-Dos for next few months-see below

4. Treasurer talk
            budget early
            PDG Paul Mangels expressed the importance of a President in keeping track of finances and making his budget early. All while working with the clubs' financial structure.
5. Leadership
            Don't forget to ask(in getting help from others)
            New project buy-in
            Setting goals
            Plan ahead
            Leadership is a key part of the Presidents job. It requires working with others and getting agreement on plans, budgets etc. See some elements of the handouts. There will be lots more about how to lead.
6. Membership
            retain members/retain
            New members/young members
Governor Larry talked about membership. In his talks to clubs he spends quite a bit of time on membership, so many of you have already heard some of his comments. There are two parts for membership a)acquisition of new members and b) retention of members. There will be seminars to help us all understand best practices in each of these areas. Some clubs are doing a great job on membership and we need to understand what they do. This will continue to be a focus next year and we will discuss it further in January.
7. New ideas
We all get new ideas from various sources. At PEOs and at PETS meetings other President Elects and AGs and others are a great source of new ideas. You should seek out new people, talk with them and ask them how they do the things you're interested in.

8. Keep it fun
Of course but how to do it is the key.

9. Communication
PDG Trish talked about how to communicate with your club and with the outside world. She mentioned Facebook, Instagram and other social media as important. Also she commented that you don't have to be the expert, find someone to help you. Remember delegate, under leadership. She also mentioned the value of our District database and website in helping you communicate both within your club and outside. More on this at PE Tools on January 28.

Most important things to be a great club president


              Have a plan-
set club goals, set membership goals, set foundation goals, set club calendar

          Build your team-
officers, directors, committee chairs

          Use Rotary International tools-
website, printed materials, public relations materials

          Have some great projects
 that engage and excite your membership

          Have engaging meetings
with variety

          Leverage the Rotary Foundation
so that your projects extend further(support the Foundation)
          Use the District
 to help you succeed

Your to dos for next few months  

  • Ø   What are your clubs' Goals, membership goals, and foundation goals

    Ø   Working with your Board and Committees map out a calendar for next year including service projects, fundraisers, fellowship, Rotary Day, etc.

    Ø   Assemble your team i.e. the people you want to help you make things happen

    Ø   Start work on your Budget so you will know how much money you will have and where you want to spend it

Monday, November 12, 2018

Youth Exchange multi District dinner November 10, 2018

On Saturday, November 10th, the Plainfield Rotary Club hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for the Youth Exchange kids from districts 7890, 7980 and 7910. The interact students in Plainfield hosted the kids over night Friday and then they had a dinner Saturday for all host families and invited guests. It was wonderful! They went to Salvation Army to find costumes for randomly chosen characters and had a "showing" at the end of the night. It was very fun! Here is a picture of all the kids from the event. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Interact-A flyer from Jan Taigen of the Chester Rotary Club

Jan Taigen of the Chester Rotary Club prepared a flyer for Interact, here is a link

.Jan Taigen of Chester Rotary Club prepared this flyer/

Rotary Youth Services-A conversation

Rotarians from our Area 3 got together to talk about the things Rotary does to support our Youth. Thanks to Chris Hoeffel, and Tribury Rotary Club.
Here are some of the programs we do.

Next Generations is a one day conference to allow high school students to discuss issues that are important to them. It is facilitated by high school students.

RYLA is a three day conference to teach and convey leadership skills to high school students. There are three student directors and the facilitators(family leaders) are all high school students. RYLA alums who are now Rotaractors play a key role in making this an amazing program. The typical comment from high school students after RYLA is that "it changed my life".

Here are RYLA students making a presentation for the RYLA Challenge
Two RYLA students at this Area 3 meeting confirmed that "it changed them".

Interact are high school clubs which do service at their school and in their community. We probably have 55 in our District and over 1500 members. There are several Interact clubs in Area 3 and there was considerable discussion on how to make them better. An Interact school advisor from Pomperaug was at this meeting to give the school perspective. Also a principal conveyed his strong support of Interact. The advice given was 1. let the students take the lead, 2. encourage joint activities between Rotary clubs and Interact clubs and 3. ask the students to stop by the Rotary Club regularly.

Interact brochure prepared by Jan Taigen

Rotaract is a college age and beyond program. There are service clubs which can be in communities and at colleges. Some of our Interact graduates and RYLA alumni are in Rotaract clubs and do some wonderful service projects. The club at Yale provided medical equipment to Turkey for Syrian refugees last year.

Four Way Test speech contest. Every year high school students compete in a speech contest which incorporates the Rotary Four Way Test. The students prepare an up to 7 minute talk and give it in a competition with other students. The winners receive a financial award but everyone even the audience is more knowledgeable and inspired.

Global Leadership Initiative is a five day workshop to teach students 18 to 30 leadership and success skills. It has had interest from participants around the world.