Friday, November 2, 2018

Rotary Youth Services-A conversation

Rotarians from our Area 3 got together to talk about the things Rotary does to support our Youth. Thanks to Chris Hoeffel, and Tribury Rotary Club.
Here are some of the programs we do.

Next Generations is a one day conference to allow high school students to discuss issues that are important to them. It is facilitated by high school students.

RYLA is a three day conference to teach and convey leadership skills to high school students. There are three student directors and the facilitators(family leaders) are all high school students. RYLA alums who are now Rotaractors play a key role in making this an amazing program. The typical comment from high school students after RYLA is that "it changed my life".

Here are RYLA students making a presentation for the RYLA Challenge
Two RYLA students at this Area 3 meeting confirmed that "it changed them".

Interact are high school clubs which do service at their school and in their community. We probably have 55 in our District and over 1500 members. There are several Interact clubs in Area 3 and there was considerable discussion on how to make them better. An Interact school advisor from Pomperaug was at this meeting to give the school perspective. Also a principal conveyed his strong support of Interact. The advice given was 1. let the students take the lead, 2. encourage joint activities between Rotary clubs and Interact clubs and 3. ask the students to stop by the Rotary Club regularly.

Interact brochure prepared by Jan Taigen

Rotaract is a college age and beyond program. There are service clubs which can be in communities and at colleges. Some of our Interact graduates and RYLA alumni are in Rotaract clubs and do some wonderful service projects. The club at Yale provided medical equipment to Turkey for Syrian refugees last year.

Four Way Test speech contest. Every year high school students compete in a speech contest which incorporates the Rotary Four Way Test. The students prepare an up to 7 minute talk and give it in a competition with other students. The winners receive a financial award but everyone even the audience is more knowledgeable and inspired.

Global Leadership Initiative is a five day workshop to teach students 18 to 30 leadership and success skills. It has had interest from participants around the world.

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