Sunday, November 18, 2018

Interact Fall Conference in District 7980

Each year the District 7980 Interact Board organizes a Fall conference. This year the theme of the conference was to help the Interactors improve their clubs and it was held Sunday, November 18.
The Interact District Board consists of one or two Interact District representatives plus several Interact Area representatives(who line up with the Rotary assistant governor areas)

The Interact District Board(part of it) with Keon the Interact District representative at the podium
 The group split into five break out groups to discuss various aspects of running an Interact Club. Funding and projects, District Interact help, communications, etc.
This is an exercise in the communication break out where the string follows the speaker
 The exercise is to emphasize the importance of participating and helps bring more students into the conversation.
Keon is the Interact District representative and led the conference

Rotary district Governor Larry Gardner gave a talk which involved the students and was well received

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