Thursday, March 1, 2018

Niantic Rotary Club February 28, 2018

Niantic Rotary Club meets at the Flanders Fish Market, a restaurant on the Connecticut Coast. A great venue for a great club.
Eva Menon is the President of Niantic this year
The President elect is James Lombardo, he's a retired School Superintendent. 
David Putnam was also at the meeting, he's involved with the clubs Youth Services.
And of course Donna Gada, the AG, is also a member of this club.

And Richard Gada worked out the details of the Niantic Gala
a fund raiser coming up soon. Note the  Rotary jacket. Next to him is James Lombardo the
President Elect.

Here's Gerry Gilstad, he played some songs in memory of Pete Seeger
We all remembered

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