Saturday, February 24, 2018

Training for CPR and AED(automatic defibrillator) by East Hampton EMS and Rotary

Here is something that any Rotary Club can facilitate. The East Hampton Rotary Club helped the East Hampton Emergency Medical and the Town hold a training in CPR and AED on February 24. Over 90 townspeople were trained. The Rotary Club helped with some of  the organization and funding, pretty minimal, and the EMS provided the training and expertise. Here's some pictures(thanks to Terry Concannon for the pictures).

It started with a short talk on what we would be doing and on the East Hampton EMS

We split into three groups of 8 participants per group. There were four dummies(no not us, the practice  dummies)
per group. Each pair had a dummy to practice CPR and AED on.

If you haven't had CPR training in awhile it's different. From the side and no mouth to mouth

Here's the participants in action doing CPR

Positioning your shoulder over the chest of the victim is important.
This was a great session(2 hours) and the participants left feeling confident that they could do CPR and AED if it were needed.
Your Rotary Club could organize a session like this in your town.

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