Monday, May 8, 2017

Multi District Conference April 28-30,2017 Providence

Four Rotary Districts had their conferences together this Spring. Rotary International President John Germ was present and spoke Friday night.  After dinner there was a fire/water show, They light torches aong a canal and lots of people come out for the show and walking around and talking.

On Saturday there were both Interact and Rotaract conferences, which were well attended and provided lots of information for thought and action. Our District(7980) students provided leadership in both conferences. Sharon Johnson of Rotary District 7950 provided overall leadership for the Interact and Rotaract conferences.

 The Youth Exchange students from the Districts told a bit about themselves. They were well spoken,

Michael Angelo Caruso, a great public speaker, and a Rotary Governor informed the Interactors how to improve their speaking abilities.
Alan Hurst won the Distinguished Service Award the most prestigious Service Award in Rotary.

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