Saturday, May 2, 2020

District 7980 RYLA- Spring 2018

RYLA Spring 2018 was a wonderful experience for about 71 students. They spend Friday through Sunday and are learning leadership skills the entire time
Here's the registration desk for the start of RYLA.
 It is quite well organized so we don't waste valuable time on details

This is an exercise called chairs. The participants start sitting on chairs and
end up with a self supporting structure of just the students. They learn
to rely on each other.

Here are some participants working on a project during RYLA

RYLA is student led. These are the 2018 Student Directors.
There are 16 facilitators who work with the participants very closely

All the participants participate in the RYLA Challenge. They develop a service project
which they present to Rotary Judges. The Judges provide some funding and recommend
paths forward for the teams. Each participant speaks during the presentation
This team proposed providing computers to students who do not have them

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