Saturday, May 5, 2018

Stratford Rotary Club 60th Anniversary

It's remarkable what each of our clubs do for their towns and for the world. Stratford RC celebrates 60 years. They started in 1958, seems like so long ago. Women were just about to join Rotary and Eisenhower was President and they started on their journey.

Here's Jeffrey Krause the current President of Stratford.
With a lot of help he organized the celebration of their 60th
So what do you do on your 60th anniversary. You give over $72,000
to various organizations in your town.

Here's Pat an early President of Stratford Rotary Club and one of the first
women Presidents of District 7980. She reviewed the history.

And here's the Past Presidents of Stratford Rotary Club who came to the dinner.

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