Thursday, April 11, 2019

Awards we give in Rotary

Some thoughts on the Awards we give to clubs and individuals
Should meet the four way test.

The 4-Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do:

1.     Is it the TRUTH?
2.     Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3.     Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
4.     Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

What is the purpose of awards given to Rotary clubs and individuals, usually at the District conference.
1. Recognize and reward outstanding achievement
2. Encourage all Rotarians to do more/better service
3. "Beneficial to all concerned"

1.Also the process for choosing award winners must be "fair to all concerned" and the award winners chosen must be in truth: the most deserving.
Some of the difficulties in executing the above.
              In our District few clubs actually are interested in applying for and receiving awards.
              There is a big disparity between the capabilities of the large and small clubs
              It is very difficult and subjective to choose a "best" service project. Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder.
2. So how can we use the award process to "encourage all Rotarians to do more/better service".
3. Since there are few winners and many non-winners, any process which is "beneficial to all concerned" must also bring value to the non-winners, somehow.

So what are the possible benefits and motivational aspects for non-winners
1. The non-winners could be inspired by the story of the winner
2. The non-winners could be educated by aspects of the winners' story and success
3. The winners could be encouraged to involve non-winners in future projects.(Since the winners presumably have demonstrated high competence in an area, they could provide direct help in cooperative projects with non-winners.) (Use District Managed grant process to help with this)
4. The non-winners could do a project similar to the one executed by the winner.

1. The award must go into enough detail about the winners so the audience will understand what is done and how it was special, so that they can be inspired and/or educated.
2. Could have a District managed grant subprocess which allows winners to specially apply with non winners for a new grant.
3. Winner should provide an education sheet on their special project, approach or ?


Comments on recognition of achievement - Jack
·       must be fair i.e. all those deserving should be recognized
·       can be subjective i.e. one mans winner is not anothers winner
·       however not being recognized for achievement is demotivating
·       one way is recognizing all who meet certain criteria-Presidents award, Governors Award
·       should be a process within the club
·       whatever you do should meet the four way test(fair to all concerned, beneficial to all concerned, the truth)
·       different levels of achievement i.e some who reliably do things time after time others who do massive            projects with large impact. both needed both should be recognized

However we should have some concerns, look at this article in the NY Times

In clubs
In District
District Awards
Abe Gordon-chosen by Governor
Charles Pettengill-large club -speak at District Conference
Don Adams-Outstanding Rotarian, chosen by 5 most recent recipients
Ed Osterman-small club, less then 45
Significant Club Achievement
              Community Service-at District conference
              International Service-at District conference
              Club Service
             Vocational Service
             Youth Service
by RI
Citation for Meritorious Service, Distinguished Service Award, Service Above Self
Alumni Service Award.

Summary of my thoughts
1. Process must be beneficial to all District Rotarians and for me that means providing information about the club, their achievements and best practices.Part of this is recognition of the club and part of this is providing information/help to others.
2. All clubs are eligible to provide information to other clubs and thus be recognized.
3. Choosing a winner is not beneficial to all concerned, it is beneficial to the winner.

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