Monday, May 13, 2019

Rotary District 7980 Installation-June 26, 2019

Saint Clements Castle is the top rated wedding venue in Connecticut. The Rotary District's installation there on June 26, 2019 will be a night to remember!

Enter the grounds of Saint Clements Castle and you are transported to a world of civilized grace and old European charm. The stress of modern life falls away as you survey the idyllic surroundings the meticulously landscaped sunken gardens, gracious courtyards and manicured lawns surrounding this classic example of French Tudor and Bavarian architecture complete with spectacular water views of the Connecticut River.

You will come to St. Clements Castle and we will meet each other on the beautiful grounds of the Castle. After a short time introducing the eminent guests, that's all of us, we'll sit down to a wonderful dinner. Come and enjoy Rotary. 

All President Elects will be installed as Presidents of their respective clubs. In addition all attendees who are incoming President Elects, incoming Vice Presidents, incoming Secretaries and incoming Treasurers of their clubs will be installed. The Assistant Governors will also be installed.  The District 7980 Governor for 2019-20 and the District 7980 Governor Elect for 2019-20 will also be installed.

The Saint Clements location is a little further from some of our clubs. If you want to stay overnight on Laurel Island about a mile from Saint Clements at no charge we can arrange it. Contact Jack Solomon

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