Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How Do we pick the next Governor-Rotary District 7980

Several Rotarians in our District Expressed Interest in "How do we pick our District Governor"

Any Rotarian who is a Past President of a Rotary club and will be a Rotarian for seven years when he takes over as District Governor is eligible to serve as Governor.

Any eligible Rotarian can put her/his hat in the ring, so to speak. She/he must be a member of a Rotary club and the club Secretary will be asked to confirm that. That's it to start the process. If you want to be Governor, let the Chairman of the Nominating Committee and the Governor know.

So there is a Nominating Committee and the Chairperson is the fourth past District Governor. This year that is Geraldine O'Shannon, PDG from New London Rotary club. The Nominating Committee consists of the four most recent Past District Governors and one person from each of the areas of our District. The areas of our District represented by each of our Assistant Governors. The person representing each area on the Nominating Committee is a Past President from one of the clubs. This honor/responsibility passes from one club to the next each Rotary year. So the Nominating Committee consists of 15 voters plus the Chairperson who will break any ties.

The Nominating Committee and the candidates will attend a dinner and after the candidates have made their case, the Nominating Committee will choose a Governor to be. This year we are choosing the District Governor for 2022 to 2023.

So send in your name now if you want to be Governor
Here's Trish a recent Governor with Hailey, a Rotaractor. Trish is on the Nominating Committee

For the purposes of this description I believe Rotaractors are Rotarians.

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