Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Membership Tips from RI

Rotary International Membership Minute February 2017 |

 Ideas for strengthening membership Club members How flexible are your membership options? Do you know Rotaractors who could bring new perspectives, ideas, and energy to your club? Have your members asked for a more flexible attendance policy or different membership types? 

Here are five ways to implement the new options for membership flexibility approved during the 2016 Council on Legislation. 

  1.  Change your meeting schedule — you can change the day and time your club meets, as long as your club meets at least twice a month. 
  2. Vary the meeting format — you can meet in person or online, or have a combination of both. Read how the Rotary Club of New York is teaming with the UN to host monthly breakfast meetings online. 
  3.  Relax attendance requirements — while attendance is important, you can encourage members to give their time in different ways.  
  4. Offer different membership types — alternative types include family, junior, or corporate memberships. These members will only be considered active and counted toward your membership total if they pay RI dues. 
  5.  Invite Rotaractors to be members of your club — you can reduce fees or relax the attendance policy for these members, as long as your bylaws reflect this. 

 Visit www.rotary.org/flexibility to learn more and to access resources to help your club start applying these changes. If you’ve already made changes to help your club membership become more flexible, tell your story to fellow Rotarians on the Membership Best Practices Discussion Group.

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