Monday, August 28, 2017

East Hampton Rotary Club and 44 years of perfect attendance

At the East Hampton Rotary Club on August 23 our Police Chief, an Officer and his dog came to show us their capabilities. We helped bring the Police Dog to town.

Charlie Hnilicka, shown below, was given the award for 44 years of perfect attendance. That's longer than many of us have been alive. Charlie for years was a key for the East Haddam Rotary club. Recently he has joined East Hampton

Here's Kevin Reich in background leading the meeting with Greg Pugatch and Bruce Shepherd in the foreground. Bruce is another member with a long tenure in Rotary.

The Sargent at Arms at East Hampton plays a very important role in keping us all interested and protective. He deals with  Happy, Sad and Fines. A past stellar Sargent was Kevin Keily. He was pressed into duty on Wednesday because this years' Sargent was out watching eclipses in Wyoming.

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