Saturday, August 31, 2019

Service Projects-Ideas that your club could use.

Ideas for Service projects come along all the time. It would be great if we had a way to share them
Here it is. If you put an idea for a Service project in the Comments I'll incorporate it into the blog.

Music Mends Minds
Ansonia Rotary Club 
People with Alzheimers or dementia from various homes are taken to a place where they all can sing together. And of course hear singing. This has been found to be a way to help the people and somewhat let them deal with their disease. Any of our Rotary Clubs could do a similar thing in their town.

Music Mends Minds

Help a Science Teacher help their Students

Many Science teachers  use their own money to buy class room equipment for their students. You could help the teacher buy what she/he needs to do a class project. . You'd get to know a teacher and help the school. Sort of a scholarship for a teacher. 

What Ideas do you have?  What has your club done? Put it in the Comments and I'll put it in the Blog

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