Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Visiting our Clubs

I've been visiting clubs in our District. What a remarkable experience. Each club is different and unique with remarkable similarities. For example in Mystic I saw a serviceperson given a Serviceman of the month Award. This fellow has done more community service than almost any Rotarian.
A service man receiving an Award at Mystic Rotary Club

 In Montville I met a scholarship winner who goes to college in Boston and is a budding entrepreneur. She is the CEO of a school company that is making water bottles.
A scholarship winner returning to thank the Montville Rotary Club

Every club there's a story. The clubs all do community service in such a variety of ways. For example District Managed Grants can be used for community service. One club provided an aquarium to an elementary school. Another club provided a freezer for a food kitchen. And still another is helping the town build a playscape. Every club can use a District Managed Grant within their town for an important need.
Martine Nolletti from Milford talking about Governor Trish's water project at Ledyard Rotary Club

And global interests. At one club I heard again about Governor Trish's project. And what struck me was the prestory. Years ago a woman from Africa came to Connecticut and got involved with Orange Rotary Club. She went back to Africa and started a school for all young people. This remarkable school is the one that Governor Trish wants to provide a stable water system.  At times we see the problems of the world and say to ourselves, they are so big, how can we possibly solve them. The answer is that we solve them one project at a time.  Project Amigo, Alan's Honduras involvement, Jeremy Haiti and Governor Trish's water project, one project at a time.

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