Friday, June 14, 2019

A Pavilion and an Installation at New London Rotary Club

It is a big deal. New London Rotary Club did everything necessary to put a Pavilion on Ocean Beach in New London(said to be the nicest beach on the southeast Connecticut shore). And on June 13 it was opened.
So this was an event to celebrate the opening of the Pavilion.
The Rotary Club got full credit for the work they did

A terrible picture but.
a bunch of notables showed up to honor the opening and the Rotary Club
The Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut
The local State Senator
the local State Representative
the Mayor
and many others.

Also was the changing of the Guard. PDG Gerry O'Shannon inducted Reid Burdick
and his team for the New London Club. Victoria Mueller the current President is on the left and
new President Reid is in the middle. Gerry is mapping out her strategy.

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