Thursday, June 20, 2019

Wallingford Rotary Club-An Installation at a Vibrant Club

On June 19.2019 Wallingford Rotary Club did it's Installation with great Charm.

The Library Wine and Bistro has a nice private room where the Rotarians could celebrate the start of the new year.
The Club Secretary, John Mattingly, shared this story. The first Club President was
in 1927 and in the 1940s they gave him this poster of his service.
Notice the cartoons all around commemorating
the founding members of the club. Great, right.
Well this wonderful poster was lost for 50 years.
The Club Secretary received a call, out of the blue. from
a person who found it in her cellar and wondered if
the club would like it back. And back it came.

Wallingford Rotary Club has a great tradition of a member who
owns a limo driving the incoming President to the Installation.
Here is Greg Allen the incoming President and his wife, Melissa
with their driver

Daryl Porto the outgoing President reviewing his year

And here he is again in action

And the incoming President Greg Allen gave a
great talk on his and the clubs' ;plans

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