Thursday, January 17, 2019

Community Art-A Fundraiser

Scott McLaughlin, District Governor 2019-20 in Nebraska told me about Community Art.

This fundraiser can raise quite a bit of money for our wonderful causes while establishing contacts with the Community.  The cost for the blanks is paid for by the corporate and personal sponsorships. The painted objects are auctioned off for thousands of dollars each. The painter receives some of that money. This has been done in New England, Maryland and other places.

The Community(Rotary Club) buys plain white models of whatever is chosen. Kearney, Nebraska chose Cranes. They buy around 30 or so. Local businesses, individuals and non-profits sponsor these models and have the first right to buy them once they are painted. These sponsorships pay for the initial cost of the models.

The blank crane with the artist who makes them

A simple crane after the artist has made it art

You find an equal number of local artists who agree to make art out of the models. The artist gets a fraction of the sales price of the art. The models are distributed throughout the town, many are at the sponsors place of business.

One of the Cranes after the artist finished

And here's another, 30 or so in all
After the artists are finished and they have been showed a suitable time at their locations all around town, the finished models are brought together for an auction.  A book is produced with all the crane artwork and this can also be sold. People buy the finished artwork. The original sponsor can match any bids on his model.

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