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International Assembly- Notes and Comments

International Assembly 2019
Notes and Comments

Plan for a Large Event-This relates to a large polio fundraising event at the Coliseum in Rome called the Gadiators. They got a very famous speaker-Russell Crowe.
  1. Start from your dream
  2. Decide the message you want to send
  3. Whom do you want to address
  4. Create a Team
  5. Fix the Date
  6. Choose the venue
  7. Invite a prominent speaker
  8. Make a budget
  9. Define a roadmap
  10. Have a plan B
  11. Define a bold communication and marketing plan
Gladiator event to raise money for polio

It also applies to District 7980's concert to raise money for polio last year.

Every Rotary Club should have a  Rotaract club partner. And vice versa
Barry Rassin

Mark Malone's plan
Innovation in existing clubs
Creation of new Innovative Clubs

Jeff Cadorette
You cannot grow Rotary by adding a few to each club
Rotary needs to add new clubs with new, diverse people

Polio Effort and Implications for Underserved communities health
Henrietta Forte of UNICEF gave an inspiring speech on polio and the history of the battle. She also talked about the importance of Rotary in community health care. The use of Rotary's system for bringing polio vaccine to underserved communities can also be used to reach hard to reach people for other diseases.

Elimination of cerivical cancer in Sri Lanka
Two Rotary clubs 14,000 miles apart working on the early detection of cancer. Rotary Club of Birmingham and one in Sri Lanka. RI President KR Ravindran tells the story.
Essentially eliminated cervical cancer in Sri Lanka. A doctor at Birmingham was an essential part of the collaboration.

Eliminate Silos in Rotary Training
Train the District and Zone -Public Image, Foundation and Membership teams together. These areas overlap and creating silos is a bad idea.

President Elect Mark Malone's plan
1. Grow Rotary
      Create new membership models
      New paths to Rotary membership
      Create new Rotary and Rotaract clubs
Barry Rassin comment-Every Rotary Club should have an associated Rotaract Club
Rotaractors and others commented that University Rotaract clubs are problematic, that Community based ones are sustainable.
2. Involve our families
3. Build a viable path to Rotary leadership
      Perhaps the DG does not have to visit every club
      Some Districts in Asia have over 100 clubs and 4000 members
4. United Nations partnerships

Emphasis on Each Governor and Each President helping those who come before and Follow after
Several speakers emphasized this and it came up in the discussion groups. Our Governor Track meetings are important and not practiced by all Districts.

A trailer for the virtual reality film on RI

Happy Clap from former President of Rotary Gary Huang. He has helped make Rotary fun. He reprised his Happy Clap at IA 2019

There was the march of the flags. Rotary in every one of these countries

Festival Night with performances by DGEs and others from countries around the world.

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