Wednesday, January 16, 2019

International Assembly 2019

A key part of International Assembly is the new theme.
Here is President Elect Mark Maloney
Rotary Connect the World
The Rotary Governors from New England

The flags of countries from all over the World March In. There are
Rotary clubs in every one of these countries

A Rotaractor from Taipei tells her story
Rotary 2019 theme
Mark Maloney Rotary President Elect

Rotary Connects the World( 2019-2020) Rotary Theme

1. Membership
Create new membership models
New paths/models to Rotary membership
Create new Rotary and Rotaract clubs
Membership Committee at every club

2. Involve our Families

3. Build a viable path to Rotary leadership

4. United Nations

Cultural Exchange is a fun part of International Assembly
Governor Elects dress in their native garb and give away items representing their country

Some more Cultural Exchange

This is RI President Elect Mark Maloney
He dressed up/down to run a quiz show on Membership
Your Governor Elect(7980) did not win the Quiz but all had fun

So there is a Native Dress Dinner
The geniuses from New England, including me, decided that our native dress was


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