Saturday, January 19, 2019

Rotary International Assembly 2

The International Assembly has several elements. There's the plenary sessions where everyone hears great speakers and sees inspiring videos. There's the breakout groups where District Governor Elects talk to each other about Rotary, plans and ideas. Then there's the celebrations International Exchange, Festival Night. And we all had our picture taken with Rotary International President Elect Mark Malone.
A representation of the ideals of Rotary

Korean performers on Festival Night

Japanese performers on Festival Night
The Master of Ceremonies, Jeffry Cadorette, Our RI Director

More from the Japanese performers

Performers from all over the world. DGEs and trainers. Australia, Korea, US, Canada, Germany and many more

At the International Assembly Mark Malone had pictures taken with
all the DGEs and their partners. Here's ours